10 things before moving abroad full checklist

10 things to consider before moving abroad: your full checklist

Moving abroad is an important event that requires a lot of preparation. To help you, we have listed the 10 most essential things to do before your move abroad. This will allow you to be well organized and not forget anything. We advise you to start preparing for your move abroad 6 months before your departure with this list. If you do this, you will ensure a smooth move! 

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Prepare your immigration 

passport visaIt is essential to know what documents you need for your immigration. Prepare your passport, visa, and residence permit. If you are working, you will also need a work permit; if you are a student, only a student visa. 

In addition, if you are looking for a job in the country you are moving to, it is best to find out what types of professional profiles are most in demand and update your resume accordingly. Having found a job before you move will make it much easier to obtain a work visa. Similarly, for students, being registered in your new school before moving abroad allows them to obtain a student visa easily. 

Each family member must have an up-to-date passport valid for at least one year after moving.

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Look for your new home before moving abroad 

new home relocationOnce you have applied for your visa, you should immediately start looking for accommodation before your relocation and not waste any time. Indeed, depending on the country, the search for an apartment or a house can take a lot of time and energy. Especially if you want to buy a house in the country you move to. So set up a budget and criteria, and then do your research as soon as possible.

Choose an international school

international schoolIf you have children, choose which school they will attend before moving abroad. Don't worry about the language barrier, the younger your children are, the easier it will be for them to learn a new language quickly. In addition, they will continue to learn English at school, which allows them to continue their education if they move back to their home country. 

To make your children feel as comfortable as possible, visit the school with them before you move. They will meet their new teachers and get a first taste of their new school. To find the best school, compare several schools and choose the one with the best reputation and the best programs.

Run research on the destination country before moving abroad

To get your new life off to a good start, learn about the country you are moving to before you move. Research the country's culture, food, greetings, courtesies, and modes of transportation. Don't forget to find out about the weather conditions in the country you are moving to, so you know what clothes to wear. For even more effective preparation, it is best to take a short initial trip to the country you are moving to. 

Once you know which neighborhood you will be living in, learn about it. Join neighborhood or sports groups to get to know your neighbors. Also, enroll your children in clubs so that they can easily fit in. 

Moreover, find out about the cost of living before you move. Research grocery prices, transportation, fuel, utility costs, rent, etc. This way, plan your expenses and your monthly budget so that you don't have any unpleasant surprises and act accordingly.

Organize your banking and finance

financesThe first thing to do about finances before moving abroad is to open a bank account in an international bank so that you can transfer money easily and without too many fees. Get a tax advisor to help you file your taxes in the country you are moving to. They will also help you manage your insurance and investments.

Update your vaccinations and health records

vaccinationsBefore moving abroad, contact a health center or visit the Ministry of Health website to find out what vaccinations are required for entry into the country. Depending on the country you are moving to, entry requirements will differ. In some countries, a quarantine will be mandatory. 

Make an appointment with your doctor, dentist, and other specialists before you move. Tell them you are moving and ask for a copy of your medical records to give to your new doctors after you move. If you are under medical treatment, it may be wise to ask your doctor for an extra prescription to stock up on medication before you move abroad.

Organize your pet’s moving

pet movingWhen moving abroad, moving your pets should not be taken lightly. The law concerning the importation of animals varies from country to country. Therefore, be sure to read them beforehand because certain breeds of animals are not allowed in certain countries, for example. Vaccinate your pet before you move and put a chip in it. The number of the chip should be indicated in the vaccination booklet. Your veterinarian will inform you about the vaccines and documents required for moving abroad. 

To prepare for your pet's flight, you will need to ask your veterinarian for a certificate of fitness to fly a few weeks before your move. Also, remember to get your pet used to its cage with treats and toys.

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Cancel all subscriptions in your home country 

Cancel all club, association, electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet, television, and rental agreements. Notify the public services of your move abroad for taxes and voting card. For each subscription, ask for its ending on the day of your move and not earlier. Change your address and cancel your print media subscriptions.

Check the permits and insurance you need before moving abroad 

Before you move abroad, find out what permits are required in the new country, such as work permits, residence permits, car licenses, etc. Remember to take out travel insurance and home insurance before your move so that you are covered from the day you arrive in the country. 

For your cell phone contract, either cancel the old one and take a new one after your move. Or, negotiate a new agreement with your provider before moving to avoid additional charges related to out-of-zone calls and messages.

Make an inventory of the items you keep 

moving inventoryPurge any objects that will not be traveling with you before you begin your move. If appropriate, contribute to a charity, give it to friends, or sell it online. Make a list of the objects you will be transporting. Take photos of your costly and fragile things and assess their worth. You should also document the status of any items that have current damage or require particular care. Certain electrical equipment may not function or will require adaptors; if you are unsure, it is usually best not to bring them with you on your relocation.

The current freight rate is quite hefty, so think carefully about what you want to ship overseas.

Seek help from your friends or a relocation company

Don't hesitate to ask for help, whether it's from your relatives, friends, or of course a professional. A good moving company like Moving DocShipper will manage your entire move and save you a lot of time and energy. 

Hiring cleaners can also be a good idea, especially to avoid your landlord keeping your deposit if you are renting.

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Create a checklist to prepare for your moving day

15 days before your move abroad: 

  • Photocopy all your important documents such as your passport and ID card. Give one of these copies to a family member or trusted friend.¬†
  • Return your belongings borrowed from friends and books from the library.
  • Cancel all subscriptions.
  • Update your mailing address.
  • Give away stuff you don't want to keep to friends, family, or organizations.
  • Buy what you need to move.
  • Prepare a supply of medications.

7 days before your move abroad:

  • Contact your moving company to finalize your move.
  • Check your flight status and other reservations.
  • Put valuables you want to keep close to you in your carry-on luggage.¬†
  • Pack clean clothes, a snack, and laundry for your first night in your new home.¬†
  • Obtain a payment card before you move to avoid excessive currency exchange or withdrawal fees.

Moving abroad full checklist


With this list, you will be able to prepare well for your move abroad and be sure not to forget anything. But remember that even with the best preparation, unpleasant surprises can still happen. 

To avoid this, but also to save a lot of time and energy, don't hesitate to trust DocShipper Moving! Take advantage of our international moving service and make your life easier. Contact us for any further information.

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