How much does a storage service cost?

Over 20% of customers need a storage service when making a move. This information has not fallen on deaf ears as we go to great lengths to provide storage services to you around the world.

However, it is very difficult - if not impossible - to provide prices in advance since this will depend on a multitude of points:

  • The total volume of your goods
  • Storage conditions
  • The place of storage
  • The necessary ancillary services


How does the furniture warehouse work?

Using a furniture storage service is a good solution to organize your move with complete peace of mind. The operation is not very complicated, it is even very simple. On the day of packing your goods in your old accommodation, instead of sending them directly to the original terminal (the port or airport of origin), we will send them to a warehouse to store them for a fixed period of time.

Note that in the case of a long-distance move, we have the option of using a warehouse in the country of destination. For example, if you move from France to Thailand, it will be much more economical to store your goods in the land of smiles (Thailand).


How do you calculate the storage space you need?

Depending on your storage needs, you can use different spaces, the formula is also extremely flexible. If the majority of reserved spaces are between 2 and 30 cubic meters, it is quite possible to store hundreds of cubic meters.

To define the volume, it will naturally be necessary to assess the volume before / after packaging since the latter can potentially increase your volume by up to 10% depending on how your goods have been packed.

Who can benefit from the storage service?

There is no real restriction on whether you can store your personal belongings. However, there will be different cases for different needs:

  • You are in a hurry. For example, if you are about to sell your house and cannot leave your belongings to vacate the house. In this case, we can store your belongings until you have your new home.
  • You are going on vacation. As moves are often during the summer, we understand that you want to go on vacation to take care of your move later. No problem, you can leave your belongings in our warehouses and go on vacation for as long as you want.
  • You are waiting for a document. In some cases, you must have documents to be exempt from customs duties and taxes. While waiting for your document (eg a work permit), we can store your personal effects.

How to get a quote for a move?

The procedure is not complicated, it is even extremely easy! All you have to do is go to the contact page and fill out our online form. Subsequently, a DocShipper consultant will contact you within 24 hours to define with you the needs and offer you a personalized quote. There you have our offer!