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2023: six moving and relocation trends to expect this year

We don't know how long Covid-19 will continue to have an impact on our daily tasks, but it has been a part of our lives for a few years now since 2020. Every industry has had to adapt the way they conduct its business, and the moving industry is not an exception. Now, things begin to open up and move closer to “normal.” However, that might be beneficial for clients of moving companies. Following two years that were unusual and marked by widespread consumer uncertainty, a return to normality may help consumers better appreciate the potentially daunting idea of moving. Individuals who survived the storm will benefit in several sections of the moving industry.

1. Back to normal


Even while there are fewer local movements by homeowners, the outlook for the moving industry as a whole appears to be returning to pre-pandemic levels. The Covid-19 year was one extremely long and active movement season. Moving has slowed down now that the housing market has stabilized in most locations despite rising interest and inflation rates. Moving long distances internationally is still expected as people adjust to remote and hybrid work schedules. Many people are hesitant to relocate locally and switch from their 3% mortgages to ones that are 6% or 7%.
After interest rates increased, the movements decreased...but everything is going back to normal.

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2. Social distancing led to automation

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The act of maintaining a specific distance from other people to avoid spreading virus droplets to someone else is known as social distancing. Most health officials advise a minimum distance of six feet to reduce the danger of contracting the virus from another person during the Covid-19 era. Of course, it's difficult to avoid being in close contact with someone you live with. Customers are asked not to help with the actual move by moving companies. This means that they should either leave the premises or isolate themselves to a specific calm section of the home rather than controlling things as they move in and out of residences. If the mover has any queries, they can still communicate via a mobile phone.

Additionally, fewer points of interaction between movers and customers have been adopted by moving companies. 

Moving companies used to arrive at a residence in advance to assess the amount of work required and offer an estimate. Handshakes were a common way for these gatherings to close. Currently, movers may virtually calculate quotes. The client will communicate with the mover using video conferencing technology or make a video of their homes and give them an idea of the work that needs to be done. The results have been excellent, if not better compared to the previous visual survey, when estimates were based on notes, images, and recollection, we can go back over (the video) and observe every small detail.

3. Nothing is taken for granted

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Nearly all markets will continue to experience uncertainty at least through the beginning of 2023. The overall state of the economy is only now beginning to recover from unprecedented circumstances. Everyone seems unsure of what to anticipate. If you're keeping your immediate area when you move, you should still be prepared to adapt to rapidly shifting circumstances. On a national scale, it appears that things have returned to normal, Nevertheless, local markets can vary greatly.

4. Moving costs fall down

checking new houseThe cost of moving has significantly grown since 2020, from labor to packing supplies. People may have just wanted to leave because of the Covid Pandemic, labor shortages, or supply chain problems.
While there are high material prices in terms of equipment, trucks, and packing materials, the cost of moving is related to supply and demand. In light of this, 2023 appears to be the year—or at the very least, the beginning—of the cost of relocating to stabilize. They might not go up, but they also might not go too far down. In 2023, when the moving industry is just getting started, it's reasonable to assume that costs will be about average. The trends in the transportation and storage industries can also be applied here. In addition to wanting to relocate, some people may also need storage space until they find or build their forever residence. Just be sure to inflation factor.

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5. Moving Abroad Will Remain

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A rise in the global moving market of roughly 20% over the previous year. More people are free to move around as distant and mixed jobs become more common, and that's exactly what they're choosing. Throughout the year, popular locations like Europe, Australia, and Mexico should see a continuation of the pattern of travelers moving from one nation to another.

 6. Commercial Moving on The Rise.

moving planCommercial moves may become a further trend in the moving industry in 2023. These are the ones that companies choose to implement to grow their business. Additionally, it can help companies find out how to develop a hybrid workplace while retaining their current personnel. This idea is also related to the growing trend of people choosing to relocate outside of urban areas, with some even choosing remote employment. As a result, several businesses are attempting to determine how to balance office space with remote working.
In addition to business relocations, many people and families who intended to move from expensive metropolitan cities to more affordable and rural areas have not yet done so. There will be more in 2023 if we take into account employees quitting their jobs and moving out of town for business purposes.

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If you were a fan of the way things were going in the moving industry, you could be disappointed—at least initially—even though the speed of moving has slowed to levels similar to those before the pandemic. The last few years have compelled us to consider alternate approaches to practically everything. That has largely had a beneficial impact on how the finest moving companies carry out their duties and how other businesses must interact with their staff and the evolving nature of the workplace.

As a result, moving businesses have made some improvements to their processes and are now able to provide even better service to both their clients and employees. In terms of movement patterns, we anticipate that things will begin to slowly return to normalcy.

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