International move & Customs clearance

In the context of international relocation, the customs clearance step is mandatory. Normally you have to present certain documents depending on the destination country as well as the country of origin, each one requires certain procedures which we must know in advance to avoid any issue on the day-d.

This is not something new, but it is true that customs procedures are more and more strict, which is why you should always prepare this operation in advance so that everything goes smoothly.

An important fact that we need to know is that for some items we need to present special licenses. We refer for example to household appliances, vehicles, certain chemicals ... We must first find out what to do with this type of article depending on the country.

Documents required for customs clearance

As we mentioned previously, it is essential that you inform yourself in advance of the documents required for your move, each expatriation will have its characteristics.

Here is a list of the basic documentation you will need to provide for your future move:

  • Packing list : It consists of a list with all the items that make up a move, this list must be detailed including their dimensions, weight and value.
  • Customs clearance authorization for the freight forwarder : The freight forwarder is the legal person (in our case DocShipper) who provides services in international transport. We need to request an authorization so that they can perform customs clearance on your behalf.
  • Certificate of change of residence : This is a document provided by the town hall or the embassy of the country of origin (if you have registered beforehand).
  • Certificate of non-transfer : This is a fairly simple letter that will prove on honor that the goods indicated on the packing list are indeed personal effects and are not intended to be resold in the country of destination.

This basic documentation does not include a multitude of exceptions that can be found depending on the country of origin / destination. For example, to benefit from a tax exemption, it will be necessary to prove that you come for work (with a work permit and an invitation letter from the employer), that you are a returning citizen (with proof of residence, in particular via passport) or that you have the status of diplomat.

Go for DocShipper for your international move!

In summary, having a company that has experience and handles all of these procedures is essential.

At DocShipper we have been working for many years and providing quality service to all of our clients, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will clarify all your doubts so that peace of mind reigns before, during and after your move.


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