How to select a moving company in 2023

In 2023, how should I select a moving company?

The task of organizing a move is often more difficult than expected. Moving is a complicated task, and in most cases, we prefer to choose a moving company that will take care of our belongings safely. The problem is how to choose a moving company. DocShipper offers local and international moving services, but also moving for companies, and we advises you to select your mover according to some predefined characteristics . Here are some criteria that can help you choose your mover.

Collect information and recommendations very early


Packing your belongings on the day of your move is a mistake to avoid. Instead, call on movers because their experience can help you organize yourself better. However, calling on them must be done in time and surely the question that comes to your mind will be, how to find them? Where to find them?

For this, ask as much information as possible from your friends, and your family, especially from credible sources. Today, on the internet there are many of them offering their services but do not necessarily rely on the statistics that are presented, Sterling Lexicon explains by saying that moving locally or internationally is very different. An international move involves a lot of planning with customs, immigration, and other restrictions. Your checklist for traveling internationally with your belongings will be much more detailed than it looks would be for a local move. Start your search early to give yourself time to compare prices, reviews, and availability.

DocShipper offers its customers a personalized service perfectly adapted to the needs and specificities of short-distance (national) and long-distance (international) moving projects.

DocShipper Info: Packing is essential during a move. Damage due to improper packing is possible. That's why it must be well done to avoid any breakage. Docshipper takes care of packing your furniture safely and offers full and partial service, as well as unpacking and cleaning of debris and waste, all at affordable prices. So, contact us!

Assess costs and prices


Make at least three moving quotes to get the best price with the best conditions. You can then make your selection based on the suggestions received. Compare the different criteria for moving quotes. Check the prices, but also the level of service rendered. Note that if you have three offers, you must create three appointments, so block three places on the agenda. This process may take some time, but it is necessary to ensure that you find the right mover.

With the Internet, there are online comparators that allow you to make free quotes and compare them in order to obtain a quote that meets your needs. An estimate does not guarantee quality work, and a company with high prices may not offer sufficient value for your needs. Allied offers a Long Distance Moving Cost Calculator: Moving Expenses that takes into account all the variables considered in move pricing. If you know the expected cost of your move, you can plan your move and avoid unpleasant situations. 

DocShipper offers formulas according to your budget. One of them is the ECO formula, which is a solution that allows you to carry out your move at a very reduced price.

DocShipper Info: You would like to take advantage of DocShipper's services to make your move easier and more secure, but you have a small budget? No problem, we offer an ECO package that includes pickup, freight, customs clearance, and delivery! Contact us to find out more!

Make sure to get the needed insurance and license


Notice to buyers, never choose a mover who does not have proper credentials. Otherwise, your property may not be seen again. Licensed and insured movers have a legal obligation to protect your property. If you wish to move abroad, you must obtain approval from the Ministry of Transport. Check your license number against the DOT database provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Check with your state trade commission for local licenses. Different requirements may apply depending on the destination. IMS advises you to do your personal research.

DocShipper accompanies you in your moving process for both your business and personal items, from local to international. It guarantees moving documents such as home insurance, civil liability insurance, transport insurance, and specific insurance, with licenses that can cover all your personal belongings from departure to arrival.

DocShipper Advice: When you take moving insurance, it means that you will be covered if your goods are damaged or destroyed during the move. Docshipper offers complete moving insurance that will prevent you from any risk, contact us to make your move a success!

Choose a reputable mover with experience


It may be tempting to try beginners, but it will be very risky because having no experience, can lead to the failure of your move. But also new companies want to prove times and may as well succeed in your project. It is preferable to choose reliable movers with a good reputation, a company that has existed for a long time to gain maturity by resisting the tests. Choose an experienced mover because he knows the standards and procedures but also has the skills for a safe move.

With operations in over 50 countries, DocShipper is the ideal partner for a successful ex-pat. DocShipper adapts to offer a variety of solutions to better meet the needs of its customers, both internationally and domestically. Our offer is based on your budget.

Moving costs estimation 


It should be remembered that the basic rates do not include packing costs, heavy loads, etc. According to Bobvila, always ask about extra charges or hidden costs. If the company does not satisfy you, forget it.

DocShipper not only offers a free quote with follow-up and a guide on each step of the different operations but is also open to all negotiations according to your needs, whether it is international or local moving services. We support you in your expatriation.

DocShipper Alert: While moving internationally, the costs may increase rapidly, and some companies will not give you the reasons. We advise you to make a closed estimate to avoid supplements on your invoice. At DocShipper we offer affordable rates and there will be no overcharging, make your quote with us in peace.

Choose a business that can accommodate your needs


Your selection is made, now choose a company that meets your needs. Take a look at everything related to their services, and check the information against those found on the internet. You should thus choose the most reliable mover and one with whom you can work. Because you can find the right company that offers all the services according to your budget.

DocShipper could be part of your selection, and why not be among the first people? It will depend on you, but we guarantee you professional service from start to finish.


Use your best judgment 


Your instincts are welcome in making the decision about choosing a mover. For the security of your property, you will have to feel trust in the person who will take care of your personal belongings. For this, if the movers seem disorderly, the company does not have a physical address, or the drivers do not look professional, it is normal that you report this and appeal to the hierarchy in the face of this malaise, who will find a solution.

Choosing a moving company is stressful. On the internet, there are many who offer their services, but DocShipper is one of the best, covering more than 50 destinations combined. The safety of your goods is our priority.


To conclude, in order to choose your moving company, you need to follow several steps. First, find out about different moving companies early. Compare prices and make sure your belongings are insured. Then, when choosing a moving company, remember to favor one that is experienced and meets your needs in terms of budget and service.
DocShipper has extensive experience in the moving industry and our services are of the highest quality. Please contact us to learn more about our international and local moving services.

DocShipper Advise : We help you with the entire sourcing process so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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