Your artwork and antiques are unique and irreplaceable assets, which is why at DocShipper we believe it is worth taking every precaution to keep this investment safe.

Our specialists and partners around the world will provide you with a range of world-class fine art services, such as packing, shipping, and handling worldwide.

Just as works of art are unique, so is every move. From custom crates to specialized packaging, our custom services meet your unique needs. Our team of trained experts know how to protect the most delicate works of art throughout the moving process. DocShipper provides you with a dedicated service that matches the care you give your belongings.

We offer a range of transportation services, whether it is air, road or sea freight, our teams and our partners will offer you the most appropriate solution for your project.

We are also able to take care of the customs clearance as well as to insure your goods thanks to our international network of certified agents. This type of goods can be particularly delicate due to the nature of certain works and materials used.

The services we offer:

  • Customized packing and protection service
  • A secure transport
  • A door-to-door solution
  • Specialized insurance
  • Customs clearance service


DocShipper China | Procurement - Quality control - Logistics


Alibaba, Dhgate, made-in-china... Many know of websites to get supplies in Asia, but how many have come across a scam ?! It is very risky to pay an Asian supplier halfway around the world based only on promises! DocShipper offers you complete procurement services integrating logistics needs: purchasing, quality control, customization, licensing, transport...

Communication is important, which is why we strive to discuss in the most suitable way for you!