How to protect your belongings during a move?

There are insurance solutions especially for removals in order to cover the event of an accident. But before opting for one or the other, there are a series of essential steps you should take to make sure everything goes smoothly. The first thing to do is choose the right moving company (like DocShipper). Do not focus only on the price, but on the quality, guarantees, and opinions of other consumers as well.

Once chosen, ask for an estimate and make sure the business proposal includes insurance. If this is not the case, you just have to ask your consultant to redo a proposal, including the insurance costs. This is the best way to protect yourself against possible incidents. In addition, you can use this document for any claim in court if the going gets tough.

The importance of valued inventory

It is important to take an inventory of the different goods that we are going to move. Take your time to make this list, both to correctly quantify all the elements and to expressly highlight those that have the greatest economic or sentimental value.

It is recommended to take pictures of the most valuable possessions and, if possible, keep purchase invoices. The important thing is to know clearly under what conditions the goods will be at the origin, in order to be able to compare them with their state on arrival. On the other hand, this list will be essential for the rest of the operations; especially if you want to take out insurance and be clear about the value you want to cover in the policy.

Types of moving insurance

Home Insurance

Beyond the specific conditions for removals, it is possible to take out home insurance. But be aware that some only cover a percentage of the goods you transport, and they have certain limits.

In all cases, insurance companies offer the possibility of activating specific cover for removals, an alternative which can sometimes be more affordable.

Liability insurance

All moving companies - like any other business in any other activity - are required by law to take out this insurance. This coverage will cover any damage that may occur to the home during the move. We are talking about scratches on the wall, damage to the elevator and damage to the portal, among others. In no case it will cover the user's personal effects.

Transport insurance

This solution covers all damage that may be caused to the user's property during transport from one home to another. There is no real limit on the amount to cover since it will depend on the value you declared in your inventory. In the event that you need to be compensated, we will pay a deductible and the rest will be taken care of by the shipping company.

Likewise, for the move to comply with the law, the company providing this service must have liability insurance. This policy is mandatory for everyone in this business, so it is important that you verify that the company has this coverage.

How much does transport insurance cost?

When moving, insurance costs will be directly based on the value shown in your inventory. This percentage naturally varies depending on your project: the declared value, the point of origin and destination, the complexity of the operations ... In general, insurance is invoiced between 2.5% and 4% of the declared value.

In the event of a claim for damages, it should be borne in mind that if these are observed with the naked eye after the transfer is completed, they must be reflected in the inventory that the carrier has the customer sign.

Specific insurance

This modality allows items to be insured based on their current market value. To do this, the moving company must have documentation reflecting the value of each part and the year of acquisition. Everything will depend on the type of property. For example, technology is losing its value very quickly.

In short, the best way to carry out the removal in the most appropriate way is to know all the objects that you are going to transport and to reflect them correctly in all the documents. This will give you an overview and its characteristics to choose the insurance that suits you best.


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