What you should know before moving abroad with your pet

What you should know before moving abroad with your pet

You can't imagine moving abroad without your adorable ball of fur, feathers, or scales? Rest assured, it is possible to move abroad with your pet, but it requires a good dose of preparation, steps, vaccinations, etc.

Leaving your country with your pet needs a lot of planning. You need to know what to do before moving, and you must quickly start making some researches. In fact, some procedures can take many months to be achieved. It is crucial that you start organizing everything at least 4 months in advance.

A long way to go before moving

Packing all your belongings to move abroadThe reason? It is mainly because of the rabies vaccination which is most of the time mandatory. Some nations do not require it because the disease is not present. You need a serological titration 3 to 4 weeks after vaccination to check its efficiency. If the test reveals that your pet does not have enough antibodies, you'll have to repeat the process. Two months have already passed in this case...

Also, spend some time learning about the requirements in order to bring your pet with you. The embassy or consulate website, as well as expatriate forums, are quite beneficial. Additionally, have a look at the airlines' websites, every company has it own policies.

Docshipper Tip : Moving internationally with animals is always a difficult moment for the pets and the owners. DocShipper is here to answer your questions and help you to do this in security and serenity.

Conditions common to all expatriation within or outside the EU

meet all the requirement to be able to expatriate with your petEven if you travel in the European Union, you must respect some requirements such as having your pet identifying your furry friend (which is required by law for all pet owners), getting your pet a passport, and keeping all of its immunizations up-to-date.  These criterias must be checked with your veterinarian.

The identification of your animal

The pet must be identified thanks to an electronic chip. Sometimes a tattoo can be accepted if it was before July 2011 and is completely legible. However, we strongly recommend to an electronic chip for security reasons and especially in case of loss.


This document contains essential details regarding your pet such as his name, age, id number, and health information (like treatments and vaccines).  You can acquire it thanks to your veterinarian


The animal must be up-to-date with its vaccines. Additionally, rabies vaccinations will be required.
In sime EU and non-EU nations, an anti-rabies titration to quantify the antibodies may also be necessary. Do not be reluctant to get guidance and details about the various procedures from your local government agency.

Be sure to look over:

  • how long before leaving, you can execute the antibody titration,
  • and how many days after the rabies vaccination is still effective.

When organizing your trip, keep these deadlines in mind.

Please be aware that the requirements may change even inside in the EU. When visiting an island such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, or Malta, this is the case. These countries have stricter sanitary regulations. Therefore, making research in advance is very helpful.

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Additional conditions for moving outside the EU

getting ready to move abroad with your petYou must be knowledgeable about the documentation needed by the target country in order to live outside the European Union with your pet. Moving outside the EU involves more difficult procedures. You may need to apply for a visa for yourself, and you will also need to present additional documentation in order to move abroad with your pet.

The import certificate

Non-EU countries require it. This is an official sanitary document which is issued by a national health organization and signed by a veterinarian.

The international health certification

It is necessary to leave the EU and valid for 10 days. The destination country may give the paperwork, but if not, you must select an English model.

Consult your veterinarian to make sure your pet can travel before any expatriation or trip with you. Consider the suggestions in order to best prepare your pet's vacation. Your pet may also be given a stress-reduction medication by your veterinarian.

Anti-parasite treatment

Although some nations make it mandatory, it is still ideal for the animal to complete it prior to departure. The animal needs to be treated for both internal (worms) and external (ticks, fleas) parasites.

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How do I find out what the expatriation country’s requirements are?

We recommend doing some research in order to avoid forgetting some legal conditions. Check especially:

You can get help from companies like DocShipper especially with administrative tasks. Depending on the destination, we will make a quote for you including  paperwork, shipping, and quarantine. The companies that transport animals can also advise you on authorized extras like IATA transport cages.
Your pet's transportation is considerably simpler and safer when you work with a specialized moving firm like DocShipper.

For yourself, get in touch with a business that specializes in visa applications, particularly for Australia or other nations that require visas.

Pleas be aware: if the rules are not followed, entry to the nation may be denied to your pet. Your pet might then be put into quarantine, returned to France, or worst euthanized.

after packing and preparing all your documents and vaccines you can movePay attention to transit nations as well! Even for a short journey, some nations do not permit the importing of animals. As a result, you need to familiarize yourself with the laws of EVERY country you visit.

Depending on the species, different customs regulations apply. For instance, rodents and reptiles need a particular paperwork, as do rare protected species like the Gabonese Grey, and birds must be immunized against the avian flu.

DocShipper info : We are used to helping our clients to move abroad. We know the different regulations and what to do. It can be stressful to look for everything on your own. That’s why we recommend working with us. 

Countries subject to quarantine

Many nations place pets under quarantine when they enter their jurisdiction. Find out the conditions, fees, and duration of the quarantine at your expense. All of these things do differ depending on the nation.

We can list the nations that are under quarantine as follows:

  • The United States,
  • Australia,
  • Hong Kong,
  • New Zealand,
  • The United Kingdom,
  • Japan,
  • Mexico,
  • Ireland,
  • or Norway.

Quarantine no longer means 40 days. The period varies according to the country and can go up to 6 months!

Moving abroad, the example of Australia

moving abroad exemple of australiaThere are several countries, notably the islands, that have extraordinarily strict laws for importing animals. To assist you better understand what you need to prepare for, let's use Australia as a specific example.

Knowing the following will help you settle with your pet in Australia:

  • you must provide ALL of the aforementioned paperwork.
  • The animal will be placed in quarantine for at least 10 days.
  • It must be at least a year old for your pet.
  • Certain canine breeds as well as particular small creatures cannot be imported.
  • the animal must arrive at the quarantine center in Melbourne and will not necessarily travel on the same flight as you.

Finally, you should be aware that not every airline welcomes pets on board.

The costs for a move with your pet are quite high. You will have to pay :

  • the cost of administrative documents, (for example the import permit will cost almost 500 dollars)
  • veterinary visits,
  • airline tickets,
  • quarantine fees,
  • and, the bill of the specialized transport company will be of great help to you.

Count on a budget of about 2500 euros. You will find on the Australian government website all the useful information on the steps to take and the costs.
Concerning your own steps, think about applying for a visa for Australia!

Please note: Verify that there will be personnel available in the destination nation to care for your pet while it is in quarantine. You won't be able to visit your pet while it is in quarantine in Australia. Contrarily, in Japan, you will need to visit the quarantine facility multiple times a day to feed and care for your pet.

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