Methods of transportation for pet

Most of the shipping is done by air freight under the International Air Transport Association standards (IATA). Your pets will have to travel in its kennel of different size depending on your petsā€™ size and morphology. The main requirements are that it must be able to turn around itself and been able to stand erect in the kennel and lie down with ease. The shipping container can be in plastic or woods depending on local authoritiesā€™ policy. The kennel must also contain an empty water container that will be filled during its transportation by the airport and flight staff to keep the pets hydrated during its journey. It is also authorized and advised to provide the pets with a familiar toy and a blanket for them to feel comfortable and remain calm during the flight.

Your pet will travel in a pressurized, heated, and ventilated cargo hold inside the aircraft, located just below the passenger compartments. Tie-down straps secure your pet's flight kennel to the cargo deck. Airlines accept pets as accompanied baggage or as unaccompanied air cargo. They impose embargoes and suspensions based on ambient ground temperatures at origin, transfer or destination airports.

Type of animals

Over 70% of the pets transported are dogs and cats, but most of the house and domesticated animals are allowed:

  • Birds
  • Small pets
  • Fish
  • Reptiles
  • Horses

Note that there are some races of animals that are banned to travel. For example, some dog breeds are forbidden in many countries due to their violent or aggressive behavior. Endangered species are also banned from travelling. You must make sure that your pets are compliant with the international travel rules. We can of course assist you in the process. Please be aware the tropical species in most cases are banned by airlines companies for security reason.

Note that this list of requirements will vary depending on the departure country and the arrival country.

An important factor to consider is to make sure that the mandatory quarantine is respected when applicable. Some countries are stricter on their pet importation policy. We can guide you through the local legislations. Note that your pets will be taken care of by professional staff during that time and it is well recognized that the pets are not traumatized by this experience.

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