What is an international move by plane?

As you might have guessed from the title, we're going to rent space on an airplane to get your belongings out. Of course, we only use this method for long distance moves. Without being expensive enough for large volumes, this option has the advantage of being extremely fast: A few days to cross the world!

When it comes to air freight, there are 2 solutions to consider (and compare):

Air freight moving services

DocShipper Advise : Many think that ocean freight is automatically cheaper than air freight, but that's wrong ...! If you have a small volume, usually less than 1.5m3, it will be faster and above all cheaper to send by air. You can even opt for an express solution if you are shipping less than 80 Kgs (this varies depending on the destination). Contact us to know more !

Gross weight Vs Volumetric weight in an international move by plane

When talking about transport by air, it is important to always compare the gross weight (on the scale) and the volumetric weight (based on the volume / dimensions). Quite simply because the transport company will use the greater weight of the two to bill for the service. The formula is quite simple, once you have your volume in cubic meters you convert it based on the following ratio:

  • 1 m3 by conventional air freight = 167 Kgs
  • 1 m3 by express air freight = 200 Kgs


Moving by air freight | The simulation

Context: You have 2 boxes with the following dimensions 1 m x 1 x 1 (so 2 m3 in all). This same box weighs 100 Kgs on the scale (therefore 200 Kgs in all). Let's say the DHL price is $ 10 / Kgs and by Air France $ 6 / Kgs plus $ 300 fixed charges.

If tomorrow you want to ship this carton by air, here is the billing process. We will already first compare the volumetric weight with the gross weight (for conventional and express airway).


Express air freight (DHL) :

  • Gross weight = 200 Kgs
  • Volumetric weight = 400 Kgs
  • Price = (400 x 10) = 4 000 $

The cost with DHL will be 4 000 $.


Conventional air freight (Air France) :

  • Gross weight = 200 Kgs
  • Volumetric weight = 334 Kgs
  • Price = (334 x 6) + 300 = 2 304 $

The cost with Air France will be 2 304 $.

Advantages et disadvantages of moving by air freight

air freight relocation


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